The small core of the 7600GT:

This particular core is manufactured in the week 49 of year
2005. In view of cutting costs, the 7900GT and 7600GT do not come with shims
around the GPU core to prevent chipping. This may be deemed unnecessary, but
of course a shim would be added assurance.

Samsung K4J52324QC-BC14 1.4ns GDDR3 Memory, 4 modules to make
128MB in total, located at the front of the board, surrounding the Core.

The 7600GT runs at 1.3v in 2D mode and 1.36v in 3D mode. The
Samsung 1.4ns GDDR3 Memory runs at 2.03v.

The 7600GT and the 7900GT uses the same single slot copper
cooling solution.

The thin copper heatsink cooler on the 7900GT and 7600GT sports
a wide thin base, with folded copper fins soldered onto this wide base. The
wide base spreads heat outwards from the core area effectively. The folded fins
would hamper heat dissition if the fan was on top of these fins, but in this
case, the fan is actually beside the fins and thus the air is flowing through
the fins and not blown upon the folds. No complaints can be made thus!

The fan runs very silent during operation, even when the cards
run 3D applications!