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NVIDIA 7900GS Review

The Back of 7900GS

The back of the card is also very close to what we saw on the
7900GT as well, and the PCB layout is definitely identical.

Voltage regulation is exactly similar to the 7900GT as well,
with 2 Intersil chips taking care of the Memory and GPU core voltages. Now for
those who aren’t aware, the 7900GT caused quite a bit of unhappiness among some
of the more inquisitive users. The Memory Voltage regulation area at the back
of the 7900GT runs at a very high temperature and quite a few users were concerned
with the longevity of the card at such running temperatures. Some even went
out of the way to customize heatsinks to attach to this area:

What about this line of cards then, since it bears such a close
resemblance to the 7900GT, looks and specs-wise? Unfortunately, this area of
the card runs as hot as with the 7900GT. Half an hour into the 3D testing, I
poked my finger around this area to feel it. Definitely very hot and I put my
thermal probe on this area and took down some observed temperature. It runs
in the region of 80 degrees celcius even in a caseless setup! Arguably, we should
not be bothered as long as the card runs fine and the manufacturers ensure the
durability. Personally however, it would be something that keeps coming to mind
if I am to run it long term. I’ve had my fair share of video cards to play with
and for voltage regulating IC chips itself to run so hot is something very uncommon.

Yes, dual DVI and S-Video Out as expected

From the other side of the card you see the PCIE power connector

Then we see something different from what we see on our 7900GT:

The GDDR3 modules on the 7900GS are Hynix 1.4ns parts instead
of Samsung’s. I was a little disappointed, as traditionally, Samsung modules
seem to overclock better. However, always keep an open mind I told myself….

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