Although I am a 3D Mark Nut, Gaming performance is where it
all matters to the 99.99% of the readers out there so let’s jump straight to

Tests ran at maximum Image Quality with Full HDR

We can see that the performance drop by turning on AF is bigger
on the NVIDIA Cards than the ATi Cards. However, the 7900GS still pulls itself
ahead of the X1800XL by 6fps, about 8%. It
was quite surprising to see the 7900GT outrun the 7900GS as much as 17%
with the 4 extra pipelines and 1 Vertex Shader Unit. You can certainly
enjoy gaming at a high resolution of 1600×1200 on this game with the 7900GS.

Tests ran at Maximum Image Quality

The gap between the 7900GS and the X1800XL is much lesser in
Call Of Duty 2. Both cards perform quite close with or without AF. It was quite
impossible to run this game at 1600×1200 without facing choppy frame rates in
heavy gun fight scenes.