The Asus 8800GTS we have with us today is the 512MB version based on the reference NVIDIA PCB design. The PCB is standard green this time around, unlike the initial batch of G80 cards that were in black.

Black whores may have to wait for third party variants.

PCB is the 94V-0

Notice how familiar the PCB is? The 94V-0 PCB is shared by the 8800GT. By developing just one make of PCB and one make of graphics chipset, NVIDIA cuts down on development and production costs, savings of which are passed on to consumers. Then again, the two makes are not without its differences, and here are the details.

8800GT’s Power regulation

Additional phase of power for the 8800GTS

The G92 chipset is smaller than the G80 and unlike the G80, does not have a heatspreader.

Qimonda 1.0ns RAMs runs at 970 (1940) MHz. Same stuff as what is used on the 8800GT.