NVIDIA has announced that it will begin shipping the handheld Shield game console on July 31.


Originally planned for launch on June 27, NVIDIA ran into some troubles with components from third-party suppliers, and as a result the launch was delayed for over a month.

The original going price for Shield was $349, but according to NVIDIA, they decided to drop the price to $299 because “thousands of gamers [said that] if the price was $299, we’d (NVIDIA) have a home run.”  With Sony recently making headlines by announcing that their PlayStation 4 console will cost just $399, it’s a given that NVIDIA has to also price their handheld competitively to get some attention.

Shield is a Tegra 4-powered device running Google’s Android OS, but the Santa Clara, California-based company plans on doubling the gadget as a cloud gaming system, wherein, AAA titles that runs on PCs can be streamed to Shield via the company’s GRID service.

via androidcentral forum