First we face off the 2 CPUs in single card mode:

It seems that these new beta drivers does nothing much for single card configurations
in 3D Mark 05.

Now, we go on to SLI configuration.

With the 77.72 drivers, it seems that the Dual Core @ 3.0Ghz is actually slower
than the single core @ 3.0Ghz. However,when we switched over to the 81.26 drivers,
the performance of the Dual Core went up by 12% while the performance of the
single core remains unchanged. The Dual Core @ 3.0Ghz is faster than the Single
Core @ 3.0Ghz by 6%.

Interesting thing to note is that scores are slightly worse off with Hyper-Threading
enabled for both drivers, which is quite common knowledge for those who benchmarks
3D Mark 05 quite a bit. The tests were therefore ran with Hyper-Threading disabled.