Nvidia's GeForce 320.00 drivers provide an impressive performance boost for several game titles, that is, if you don't mind installing non-WHQL beta drivers.

Nvidia has released its new GeForce 320.00 performance drivers, which provide an impressive boost in framerate speeds – if you don’t mind installing beta software. According to Nvidia, the drivers will boost performance in games up to 20% but the performance numbers disclosed by the company show real performance will be much lower.

The GPU giant disclosed some performance examples on a single card GTX 680 setup:

Given the fact that these are Beta drivers, Nvidia's claims should be taken with caution. It might turn out that the GeForce 320 performance drivers are much like the AMD Catalyst 13.5 beta drivers (which would allegedly fix microstuttering and latency problems) and not meet the manufacturer claims or perhaps cause even more incompatibility problems then before. Such is to be expected in the tit-for-tat GPU war, with companies racing to put out drivers to beat the competition's performance claims.