NVIDIA has finally answered AMD’s HD4870 X2 with the GTX 295. Does it deliver?

Obviously not content with leaving the performance crown in the hands of ATI’s HD4870 X2, Nvidia has busted out the GeForce GTX 295. This new contender is essentially comprised of two GT200 cores operating internally in SLi mode.

Just like with the 9800GX2, Nvidia has gone with a dual PCB design, sandwiching a massive heatsink in between. Even though the GT200 core used here is a 55nm die shrink of the original 65nm version, it is evidently still much too big for two to share a single PCB.

Nvidia will be launching the GTX 295 at US$499, which matches the HD4870 X2’s current pricing. If the GTX 295 does live up to its billing as the fastest desktop graphics solution today, then it looks as though ATI will be forced to cut prices or lose the ultra-enthusiast market segment for the time being.

In this review we’ll be comparing the GTX 295 to several other high-end setups – but not before taking a close look at what lies underneath that matte black shroud…