Test Setup
Processor Intel Core i7-970 @ 4.0GHz
Motherboard Asus Rampage III Gene
RAM 3 x 2GB DDR3-1600 (8-8-8-24 1T)
Storage Western Digital Velociraptor 150GB
Power Supply Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000W
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Drivers Intel Chipset:
Intel Rapid Storage Technology:
NVIDIA GeForce: 270.61
AMD Catalyst: 11.5
Graphics Cards ASUS GTX 560 DirectCu II TOP
Gainward GTX 560 Phantom
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 768MB
Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
AMD Radeon HD 5850
AMD Radeon HD 5870
AMD Radeon HD 5770
AMD Radeon HD 6970

We will be testing the GTX 560 at reference speeds, as well as the two overclocked GTX 560s from Asus and Gainward. The following benchmarks will be used:

  1. 3DMark 11
  2. 3DMark Vantage
  3. Resident Evil 5
  4. Lost Planet 2
  5. Alien vs Predator
  6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat

Each benchmark is run at least three times and the average result is taken.