Pad galore! The underside of the metal bracket is virtually plastered completely with thermal pads. From the indentations on the thermal pads, we found contact to be very even.

The GPU heatsink uses the usual thermal interface material, and also, contact is excellent here.

Isn’t this a looker by itself? Heat is rapidly transferred away from the copper base into the large aluminium heatsink fin array via four decently thick copper heat pipes.


Two Power Logic PLA08015B12HH ball-bearing fans are in charge of getting heat out of the way. These 80mm fans are rated at 0.35A, spin at 3500rpm and push 33.95CFM of air.


Seated at the back of the PCB is ON Semiconductor’s ADP4100 integrated power control IC. The IC can be programmed for up to 6-phase operation. It supports a power state indicator and can be used to reduce the number of operating phases at light loads.


6-phase GPU voltage regulation module (VRM) and 2-phase memory VRM.


Samsung -HC04 GDDR5 memory onboard is rated for 2500MHz operation.


The GeForce GTX 570 GPU sports a GF110-275-A1 code, while the GTX 580 is marked as 375.

Ten FBGA memory chips make up a total of 1280MB of memory. There are two empty memory pads, possibly for a future GeForce GTX 580 custom card.