The ASUS ENGTX580 which we are looking at, is a NVIDIA reference board. ASUS has done away with fancy stickers and what not by simply placing its logo on the cover. Some love this clean look, while others will find it way too boring.

The front aluminium plate and protruding heat pipes seen on the GeForce GTX 480 are no longer present on the GeForce GTX 580.

The blower design has been tweaked to reduce fan vibration and noise. The new blower generates a lower pitch and tone so it will be less noticeable.


Like all other high-performance graphics cards, the GeForce GTX 580 sports one 6-pin PCI Express and one 8-pin PCI Express power connector.


Support for 3-way SLI.


The GeForce GTX 580’s cover is actually angled to route hot air towards the bracket, where the large exhaust vent is located. There are two dual-link DVI-I outputs and one mini HDMI output.


The back of the GeForce GTX 580’s printed circuit board (PCB).