Most graphics card manufacturers now have their own custom OC and monitoring utilty, and Gigabyte's is OC Guru. Power Target for GPU Boost is limited to 115% on this board. Core voltage, which is currently done through a driver interface rather than i2c hardware control, cannot be adjusted by software means either.



  Reference GTX 660Ti Gigabyte Windforce 660Ti Gigabyte Windforce 660Ti with OC
Core Clock 915 MHz 1033 MHz (+13%) 1083 MHz (+5%)
Boost Clock 980 MHz 1111 MHz  (+13%) 1161 MHz  (+5%)
Memory Clock 1502 MHz 1502 MHz 1752 MHz (+17%)

As with any overclocking, your mileage will vary.




Stock Clocks/Voltages with 100% Fan (Max 60 degrees celcius)


Overclocked / Raised Power Limits with 100% Fan (Max 66 degrees celcius)