The news is in. The Nvidia GeForce GTX560 will be launched on the 25th of January, and will feature a clock speed of 820MHz.

Slightly more than six months ago, Nvidia launched the GeForce GTX460 graphics card which was well-received and offers good performance for the price, as well as great scalability. Come 25th January, the successor to the GTX460 will be released. Aptly named the GTX560, it will bring to the table a number of improvements to the GTX460. The most apparent change will be the core clock speed whereby the GTX460 was launched with a conservative 675MHz; the GTX560 has a clock speed of 820MHz.

That is a huge increase and it will come as no surprise that the card will be harder to overclock. Not long after the launch of the reference GTX460, companies like MSI and GIGABYTE were pushing factory-overclocked versions of these cards; some exceeding 900MHz.
The fact that the GTX560 comes with 820MHz of clock speed from factory means that third-party partners or vendors will have less leeway in selling their factory-overclocked versions, and that binning shall be a popular practice with these cards. Back to the improvements; the GTX560 has been blessed with 14% more CUDA cores – an increment from 336 in the GTX460 to 384 in the upcoming GTX560.
The GTX560 shall have 1GB of GDDR5 memory, but it is unsure if the memory clock will be raised as well. From the news sources, the GTX560 has scored 17,000 points on 3DMark Vantage. Compare this to the 12,500 score that a factory GTX460 achieved, it is obvious that the improvement is huge. We look forward to the release of this card, and see if it can achieve the ‘8800GT effect’, which is offering excellent performance at a compelling price. 

Source: KitGuru