Nvidia launches the latest entrant to their 2013 GTX 700 series of high-end gaming graphics cards. Say hello to the all new GTX 760.

Nvidia GTX 760

The Nvidia GTX 760 isn’t anything new. Packing the same die as 2012’s GTX 660 Ti (and GTX 670, GTX 680 for that matter), the company has configured the GK104 (Kepler) die such that only 1152 CUDA cores are active, much lower than the 1344 CUDA cores in the GTX 670 and definitely far lesser than the fully enabled GTX 770 with 1536 CUDA cores.

Nvidia GTX 760 specifications:

  • GK104 Die
  • 1152 CUDA Cores, 96 TMUs, 32 ROPs
  • 256-bit Wide Memory Interface
  • 2/4 GB GDDR5 @ 6000 MHz
  • 192 GB/s Memory Bandwidth
  • Nvidia GPU Boost 2.0
  • 3-way/4-way SLI Support
  • $249 Base Model

GTX 760 comparison table

Image Credit: AnandTech

You can pick any of the various flavors of the GTX 760 from day one, with varying VRAM size (2 or 4 GB), factory overclocked or stock clock speeds and stock or custom aftermarket coolers. While the base model costs $249, the most premium customized flavors could sell for up to $300. Thankfully, early reviews of the card show promising performance, beating out the competition from AMD’s camp, namely the Radeon HD 7950, in most games by a variable margin.

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