The support of the NVIDIA SLI technology on nForce4 is no doubt
the most exciting feature which allows you to add on another graphics card to
further boost graphics performance. Currently, the GeForce 6600 and 6800 PCI-E
series support the SLI technology. The initial figures from the SLI setup
provided by NVIDIA seems encouraging but more work has to be done to drivers to
improve compatibilities with all the games out there and it is no easy task. I
would expect many revisions of Forceware drivers updates in the near future to
improve SLI compatibilities with games. Below are some examples of nForce4
boards that support SLI.



MSI K8N Neo Diamond


Notice that both ASUS and MSI has a card in between the two
PCI-E slots that can be flipped around to support one full x16 lane for single
video card or two x8 lanes for dual video cards. Also notice that the distance
between the two PCI-E slots on the two boards are different since board
manufacturers make their boards layout differently therefore the SLI connector
of various lengths will be bundled into the motherboard packages instead. From
our sources, TYAN has an interesting nForce4 SLI board coming up that contains
two CK8-04 chips allowing two full x16 PCI-E lanes.