Shamino, VR-Zone’s resident overclocker, and also one of the most well-respected overclockers in the world graced the event and did extreme Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) benchmarking in public, with the intention to conquer the world record for Futuremark ‘s 3DMark06 , a synthetic benchmark that evaluates how your system will perform for gaming, now for some pics of the benchmarking before I bore anyone…

holy smoke…

and holy…….. more smoke! Actually, that’s LN2 evaporating in large amounts!

The master at work, with fully concentration…. ** goddamit, get stable and stop crashing! grrr… **

Capilliary Tube inserted into the Copper Container. Hmmmmm……..

The inquisitive crowd wondering what these crazy guys are doing

Curiousity kills the cat..

After hours and hours of benchmarking, finally we achieved some nice scores!

The accomplices: yantronic, Eugene and Henree

The master cheering up after he managed to obtain the scores! and the instance of benchmark you see in the picture crashed the moment he took the picture = P

Woot! Some decent scores achieved finally!

The team taking a nice picture together after getting the world record!

23219! Team VR ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

System Setup:

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 @ 4650MHz
EVGA NForce 680i SLI Motherboard
2 x Inno3D 8800GTX SLI b@ 822/1200MHz
GSkill 2GB HZ @ 980MHz CL3-3-3-5

On the 2nd day, The team proceeded with their benchmarking on the stage!

SilverStone Zeus ST85ZF