A Finnish retailer has listed the GTX Titan Black edition for a staggering $1330 (€974.90).


Nvidia is readying a new high-end video card for market to take the place of the GTX Titan. Dubbed the GTX Titan Black, the new version is said to feature the same fully unlocked GK110 GPU as the GTX 780 Ti, but with more video memory.

It has been estimated that the GTX Titan Black would oust the GTX Titan from its $999 price point. While there are no official details regarding the card as of now, a Finnish retailer by the name of Multitronic Webshop has just listed Asus’ variant of the GTX Titan Black for $1330. The $1330 price is inclusive of all taxes, with the pre-tax cost of the card set at around $1070 (€786.21).

It is to be noted that the card shares a lot of the same hardware details as the GTX 780 Ti, with 2880 CUDA cores, 240 TMUs and 48 ROPs on a 384-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface. The only major difference is the inclusion of 6 GB of video memory to the 3 GB that is present on the GTX 780 Ti. In addition, it also features full double-precision floating point GPGPU performance.

Source: Multitronic