We always knew that social media would be a prime ground for law enforcement to watch what we do, and now the New York Police Department is claiming that their 'covert' activity has had a beneficial effect on the murder rate of the city.

Last year the murder rate in New York City fell to an all-time low, and continues to go down, thanks to what the city cites as innovative new police strategies being used by law enforcement to directly target youth gangs and spouse beaters. These new methods have seen the murder rate hit a record low of 414 in 2012, and seeing another reduction of 33 percent so far this year.

So where does social media come into this story?

Well, apparently the police are monitoring sites like Facebook and rounding up gang members who publicly post taunts and threats.

Police Commissioner Kelly has stated that it is these small crews of trigger pulling thugs that are responsible of around 30 percent of all of the shootings in the city. In response to this information, the NYPD set up new police units, called SETs (Strategy Enforcement Teams), that operate in eight precincts in all five boroughs. It is one of these SETs that was responsible for a major success in Brownsville Brooklyn's 73 Precinct.

Through this SET program, the police pored over tweets and Facebook posts from the area's known gang members. Then the information was then handed over to the DA's office, which then used the conspiracy laws to nail dozens of gangbangers in sweeps that brought back memories of the Mafia sweeps of the 70's and 80's.

Knowing how people are so free with their mouth on sites like Facebook, it is now real surprise that the police have found a way to make it work to their advantage, and for the betterment of the community.

via NY Post.


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