NZXT has announced that they would be launching the PHANTOM chassis on 21 July 2010. The NZXT PHANTOM first appeared at COMPUTEX 2010, where Johnny Hou, Product Manager and Co-Founder of NZXT was present to run though some of the features of the casing.

The NZXT PHANTOM will be available in three colors – white, black and red. The color of the interior will follow that of the exterior.

In terms of cooling, the PHANTOM comes pre-installed with a total of seven fans:

– 140mm fan intake
– two 120mm fans and one huge 230mm fan on the side panel
– two 200mm fans on the top panel
– 120mm fan exhaust

Watercooling enthusiasts will not be disappointed; there will be support brackets for mounting up to two radiators.


There is a fan controller on the PHANTOM, located along the side of the top panel. The controller supports five fan/groups:

– 140mm fan intake
– two 120mm fans on the side panel
– 230mm fan on the side panel
– two 200mm fans on the top panel
– 120mm fan exhaust

Each knob has been labelled clearly so one doesn’t need to do guesswork.


While the interior of the PHANTOM was not shown during the preview, the casing will support up to EATX motherboards and seven expansion slots.

For storage, it supports up to seven hard disk drives. Brackets for 2.5-inch solid state drives will be included. In addition to the generous amount of space allocated to hard disk drives, there are five 5.25-inch drive bays too.

The casing is a little wider than most cases, measuring around 220mm to 230mm. This added width is intentional; a space of 20mm is created behind the motherboard for excellent cable management.


The PHANTOM is likely to be priced around US$130 to US$150.



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