President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed to meet to discuss details regarding allegations that the US have been unjustly spying on its European allies.

According to a White House statement, Obama has spoken with Merkel on the phone and will hold the meeting with other EU officials as early July 8.

“The president assured the chancellor that the United States takes seriously the concerns of our European allies and partners,” said the White House.

The controversies surrounding the unlawful espionage activities conducted by government agencies worldwide were bolstered by Edward Snowden’s involvement in the leaking of the NSA’s PRISM documents.  Snowden, who is now trying to evade extradition back to the US, is currently in self-confinement in an airport transit zone at Moscow’s airport.

In a recent statement from a news conference in Tanzania, Obama says that every intelligence agencies seek to understand the world through sources that are not available through prints like the New York Times, and that the US is not the only country involved in spying.

In Obama’s upcoming meeting with EU security officials, however, he promises that the US will disclose of all information regarding the US spying allegations of its allies.

Source: reuters