Our first benchmark is Iometer, which can be use to measure various types of drive access.

As SandForce controllers use on-the-fly compression to minimise the amount of data written, we run the write tests using compressible data as well as incompressible (random) data. Actual write performance will vary somewhere between the two results depending on the data being written.

The Agility 3 mostly retains the blazing-fast random writes that are characteristic of the Vertex 3. However, its random read performance is significantly worse.

When it comes to sequential access, the Agility 3 is just slightly behind the Vertex 3.


Next up is the ATTO benchmark, which tests how a drive's performance scales with transfer size. The Agility 3 is essentially on par with the Vertex 3, even topping out at the same level (~550MB/s) that indicates a possible SATA 6Gbps bottleneck.