Tony, also well-known as Big Toe on many enthusaists’ forums,
demonstrated a Live overclocking session of the OCZ latest DDR2 Memory Modules
PC2-9200 FlexXLC kit. Running on the ASUS Striker Commando board soon to be
available based on the Intel 965 chipset, he hit a really high speed of 652/1304MHz…
just running on 2.5v.

12 OCZ APAC Summit 2006

13 OCZ APAC Summit 2006

Tony firmly believes from long periods of testing that modules
tend to degrade or die after a few weeks/months of continued high voltage runs
above 2.5v.

OCZ had great support from many manufacturers down to grace
the summit and showcase their latest technology running with OCZ power supplies
and Memory.

14 OCZ APAC Summit 2006


Announced a little too early this year, we see the OCZ Cryo-Z
Phase Change Cooler.

15 OCZ APAC Summit 2006

16 OCZ APAC Summit 2006

The controller unit was not present due to not being able to
clear customs in time. Exact refrigerant and specs of compressor not known now,
but it is probably a blend of R507. Tony explained that the delay was due to
many other administrative issues, such as finding the right company to mass
produce them, and even all the shipping issues.

Gigabyte’s booth lets the Press get a first peek at the upcoming
680i SLI Motherboard.

17 OCZ APAC Summit 2006

1 OCZ APAC Summit 2006


Shuttle’s booth showcased hgih performance small form factors
designed for overclockers.

18 OCZ APAC Summit 2006

19 OCZ APAC Summit 2006