Air-cooling, water-cooling, or both; the OCZ Flex II has it all.



Two pairs of water inlets and outlets on each stick for maximum cooling efficiency.



 The OCZ Flex II kit comes with all the watercooling parts which are needed for cooling the RAMs by water if the user wishes to. Included in the package are 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch barb adaptors, 4-way manifold barb and 40 inches of plastic tubing.


The OCZ Flex II kit comes with the accessories needed for watercooling the RAMs.



The new heatspreader’s integrated ‘liquid injection system’, as OCZ calls it, runs directly over the memory modules’ ICs to ensure maximum heat dissipation. Not only that, there are dedicated cooling channels on each side of the memory module.


Separate water channels for each side of the heatspreader.