Well it is pretty easy to say that
extreme Canterwood overclockers have a new memory
to look out for, the memory of course being OCZ’s
EL DDR PC-3700 Gold. Using ABIT’s award winning
IC7-G combined with the new breed of Pentium 4
processors, OCZ’s new PC-3700 Gold memory is able
to not only run perfectly at rated speeds and
timings, but also has the ability to run at extremely
overclocked speeds helping to crank out some of
the best memory bandwidth benchmark scores around.

The memory’s lifetime warranty on
all voltages up to 2.9v help to insure that once
purchased OCZ’s memory is designed to withstand
the wear and tear of even the most die hard overclockers.
255Mhz FSB is a speed that some memories would
only dream of, but OCZ’s PC-3700 Gold is able
to run flawlessly.

Concluding, OCZ’s PC-3700 Gold memory
should be the choice of memory for Intel 865 and
875 chipset overclockers and is definitely one
that is recommended by VR-Zone Hardware.

VR-Zone Rating : 90 VRMarks!