As it is based on a standard ATX compliant chassis design, the OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W unit is visually not much different than the majority of high performance power supplies. The chassis has been sprayed with a matte dark grey paint and large stickers cover the sides of the unit, while a standard round grill covers the translucent LED fan.

The large stickers covering both sides of the unit are once again based on a sketched portrait of Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, alongside his signature and the series logo.

As usual with units which have decorative stickers covering their sides, the sticker with the basic electrical specifications of the unit has been placed at the top side of the power supply. It is noteworthy to mention that the sticker is printed both in English and in Chinese, indicating that OCZ has high hopes on the Asian market.

The front side of the power supply is almost entirely covered by the red connectors for the modular cables. The few native cables come out of the usual opening towards the left side of the unit. It is noteworthy to mention that even though only the 24 pin ATX cable, two PCIe cables and the CPU 12V cable are hardwired to the unit, their width covers most of the hole which would otherwise be sufficient for all of the unit’s cables.

The rear side of the Fatal1ty 1000W unit is entirely plain, with only a large rocker on/off switch besides the typical A/C power cable plug.