The Nocti 60GB mSATA drive is supplied inside a very basic cardboard box which offers good protection to the tiny drive but has no aesthetic appeal whatsoever.

Inside the box there is only the drive secured inside a plastic blister and a large advertising sticker.

Being just slightly larger than a large coin, the Nocti is literally tiny. Its form and design features no casing and/or any form of physical protection. The drive is meant to be installed directly on high end motherboards and inside laptops which offer mSATA device slots. For desktops and high end laptops it is meant to be used as a boot/caching device in conjunction with slower but much cheaper mechanical drives, boosting the system’s performance; however there are several ultra portable models which only feature an mSATA slot.

Beneath the stickers we found the controller chip of this drive; the Sandforce SF-2141, a 4 channel controller which is only capable of utilizing up to 64GB. Unfortunately OCZ re-branded the MLC flash memory chips, meaning that we cannot be certain about which the original manufacturer is.