The Octane is exactly the size of any 2.5” SATA SSD drive, with the body being half plastic, half metallic. A decorative orange themed sticker with the company and series logos has been applied at the top side of the drive.

The bottom metallic plate of the drive is titanium grey and almost entirely covered by stickers. A large sticker with basic specifications, hazard warnings and the part/serial numbers covers most of the metallic surface. One smaller sticker has the drive’s part and serial numbers printed on it. Finally, a tiny warranty covers one of the chassis screws.

Removing the metallic plate reveals the green PCB of the drive. Eight flash memory chips can be seen to the right while one of the two DRAM cache chips can be found at the top left side of the PCB. The controller is installed on the other side of the PCB.

The controller chip is the Everest, the first Indilinx controller with SATA-III support and obviously exclusive to the OCZ, which currently owns Indilinx.

OCZ went with synchronous NAND flash memory chips from Intel, which is among the best for consumer high-performance SSD drives to date. Synchronous memory is also being used in the Vertex 3 series, albeit paired with a Sandforce controller.