Under CAS Latency 4, I was pretty amazed
with the clockspeed obtainable as I needed only 2.0v to scale the RAMs up to 480MHz. 

With an additional bump of 0.05v
to 2.05v, I managed to get the clock speed up to 490MHz at

To ensure the full stability at
500MHz, I decided to run Prime95 and Windows Memtest for 11

Stopped the Orthos test and Windows
Memtest after 11 hours of stress-testing. Passed the test without a single error:

I ventured further and the maximum
clock that I could get was 512MHz staying at 2.15v:

This memory responds and scales well
with voltage. And what I can noticed is that in order to get an additional
10MHz bump in clock speed, an additional 0.05v was needed to stabilize the

At 595MHz at CL4-4-4-12
at 2.65v
, I failed to complete SuperPi 4 Million run:


In order to complete the run in
SuperPi 4 Million, I had to loosen the Read Delay (tRD) from 6 to 7 using Memset 3.2:

And the maximum clockspeed I
went with this Reaping pair, at CL4-4-4-12 – 600MHz: stable enough for a
Superpi 1M run but not much more.