Size wise, the RevoDrive Hybrid is nearly identical to the RevoDrive 3 X2 PCI-E drive which we examined several weeks ago. The obvious difference is that the top PCB of the device is now home to a 1TB 2.5” mechanical drive instead of MLC NAND flash memory chips. The drive is a standard 5400RPM notebook drive supplied by Toshiba. Beneath the small heatsink, which unfortunately was glued on the chip, lies the VCA 2.0 flash virtualization layer, a proprietary PCI-E to SAS controller developed by OCZ. The VCA 2.0 supports TRIM, SMART, native command queuing (NCQ), tagged command queuing (TCQ) and several wear management/leveling options.

At the top side of the device one can see several NAND flash memory chips but, more interestingly, the top side is also home to a sticker which has the Dataplex software license key. The Dataplex software is necessary for this drive to work properly.

Although OCZ rebranded the NAND flash memory chips, we can easily tell that they are asynchronous type memory chips. No RevoDrive is currently using synchronous NAND flash memory, not even the premium RevoDrive 3 X2, plus these are the same chips we found inside the Agility 3 drive.


On the RevoDrive Hybrid we found two Sandforce SF-2281 controllers, which the VCA 2.0 binds together as two 64GB drives paired in RAID 0 configuration.