OCZ is going to launch its Z-Drive R4 SSD soon which was first seen at the Computex 2011. The SSD will be available in various capacities from 480GB to 3.84TB.

OCZ will be launching its latest PCIe SSD, Z-Drive R4, which allows up to 2,900MB/s read speed, 2700MB/s write speed and 350,000 IOPS for 4K random write. In one of the demonstration shown at the Computex 2011, multiple Z-Drive R4 in Raid 0 configuration was able to churn out more than one million IOPS for the Iometer 4KB random read test.

The OCZ Z-Drive R4 uses eight SandForce SF-2281 controllers which are internally configured for Raid 0, runs on a PCIe x8 card and will be available in two variants, the C series (480GB to 3.84TB) and R series (800GB to 3.2TB).

Source: Guru3D, AnandTech