The cooling of the OCZ ZS 650W unit is taken care of by a Globe 135mm fan, a commonly found model used in several power supplies. The particular fan’s model number is RL4Z B1352512M and it is a double ball bearing model with a maximum rotational speed of 1250RPM.

OCZ entrusted Sirfa to be the OEM of their ZS series unit, a relatively well known manufacturer of power supplies. We have previously encountered the same base design being used inside High Power’s Performance Pro series unit, High Power being a subsidiary of Sirfa.

 The filtering stage of starts at the back of the A/C receptacle and continues on the PCB itself. There are four Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, two filtering coils and a surge suppressing MOV.

The primary capacitor of the power supply is supplied by Matsushita (Panasonic) and is rated at 400V/330μF at 85°C. The small vertical board next to the primary capacitor houses the bulk of the PFC control circuit. Nippon Chemi-Con supplies every single one of the secondary side capacitors.

The heatsinks of the ZS 650W power supply are sizeable and should provide ample heat dissipation surface, especially considering the size of the cooling fan and the 80Plus Bronze certification of this power supply.

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