Smartphone makers are moving away from Facebook’s new Home launcher, working harder on enhancing and promoting their in-house developed UI instead.

Facebook Home

After the utter flop that HTC First turned out to be, OEMs are naturally reluctant to put Facebook Home as the pre-installed launcher on their phones. Seeing how HTC’s Facebook phone barely sold past 10,000 units, companies like ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, Sony Mobile and Samsung Electronics are skeptical about a Facebook phone, they simply don’t have faith that such a phone will sell.

Sales of the HTC First by AT&T were extremely disappointing, forcing Facebook to cancel its plans to launch the model in Europe, the sources pointed out, adding that market comments on Facebook Home were also mostly negative.

While Samsung Electronics has flat out refused to co-develop a Facebook phone, most other manufacturers are playing a wait-and-see game, they want to wait for their competitors to join hands with Facebook. Also, the OEMs want to see how the development of the app Facebook Home proceeds in the near future.

HTC First

The HTC First is officially a huge flop

Instead, vendors including HTC, Huawei and Sony Mobile are now focusing on improving of the functionality of the home page and user interface of their own solutions, said the sources.

Of course, with each OEM pushing their own UI out to the consumers (Samsung with their TouchWIZ, Sony with SocialLife, Huawei with Emotion UI, HTC with Sense and so on), they are even less interested in using a 3rd party UI on their in-house developed phones. Sorry Facebook, this ain’t gonna be that easy.

Source: DigiTimes