With less than seven days to go until its worldwide launch, new details for Grand Theft Auto V are starting to leak out. 

grand theft auto v screenshots

The latest piece of information to be leaked is the full, official map complete with labels for different regions, and points of interest. It sourced from Reddit user GeENiE- who posted photos of the GTA V game guide from Brady Games.

Grand Theft Auto V official map

As you can see from the photo shared above, the majority of the map in Grand Theft Auto V is apparently just open space. That may not sound good to people anxiously waiting for the game, but you should know that Rockstar’s virtual game worlds are never big for the sake of being big (a la Just Cause 2); they only grow in scale if the developers have fun activities to fill it with.

I am sure the open spaces in GTA V will be as fun to roam about in as the closed, urban space in the south.

Source: GeENiE-


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