The revamped and reengineered MEGA service went live earlier this year, and now an official app has been released for iOS devices.


After having been involved in lawsuits and what not, Kim Dotcom launched the MEGA service earlier this year. Only recently the service came out of beta stage with an improved user interface. Today, the official iOS app has been released on the app store. Through the app, users can manage their MEGA cloud storage account as well as a few handy features that are there to enhance the user experience.

Through the MEGA iOS app, users can enjoy faster file transfers while also have the ability to preview and stream documents and files that are supported by the service. Users will also be able to export and share file and folder links, they will also be able to import files from links into their MEGA cloud storage accounts. Several features that are likely to make their way into the app in the future include support for a native iPad application and photo synchronization.

The official MEGA app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available as a free download from the App Store.