The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo DVD Cover

While there is a battle raging over the shutdown of MegaUpload service and and an all-out attack on movie piracy, it is quite amusing to see a triple A title coming with an interesting tribute.

Sony has finally released The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo DVD and Blu-ray. This controversial movie caused a lot of mainstream media fuss over "realistic" depiction of events taking place in the book. My personal opinion is that the David Fincher's take is more true to the core than the Swedish movies from 2009 (the ones with Noomi Rapace in it), which are loved by many people who did not read the books (if you're thinking I am wrong, just read the books and then re-watch the part II and III).

The interesting bit with the DVD is the way how Sony made cover artwork:

As you can see in the image above, the first look of the media would imply that this is a ripped, i.e. pirated homemade DVD. This is a tribute to Lisbeth Sander, a hacking heroine of the Millennium Trilogy. Then again, if you download the movie and burn it on the Sony DVD-R, you'll get the same thing. Just that one would be of illegal kind.