Microsoft has pushed out an update to its official YouTube app for Windows Phone, an update that takes it back to the early days when it was just a gateway to the mobile YouTube website. 


The Windows Phone YouTube app has been through some turbulent times lately – it was upgraded to offer a native YouTube experience by Microsoft, but was later criticized by Google for bypassing ads and allowing features such as video downloads. That prompted the two companies to work together on a new version that would fall in line with Google’s guidelines, only to see the search giant disable access once more as Microsoft failed to follow those guidelines to the letter.

Now, with the latest update, it’s all back to square one, though it’s still an upgrade considering the app was completely unusable before this. However, Windows Phone users are still getting the short end of the stick when it comes to a great YouTube experience, so here’s hoping Microsoft and Google can sort things out as quickly as humanly possible.

Source: Windows Phone Store