The OCZ Vertex 2E comes in a package comprising of a basic installation guide, the 3.5″ conversion bracket and a small bag of screws (not pictured).

Disaster strikes!

There is little more frustrating than to have a bench jig fail catastrophically midway through testing. Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened to us. Test results from hours of arduous work were lost in a blink of an eye. Ditto for past results based on the previous platform.


A blessing in disguise?

Owing to the delays, we were able to procure a new platform based on Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge platform from the menagerie of parts strewn around the office. At the same time, we have also installed a newer firmware made available from OCZ – version 1.25 (drive ships with 1.23).

SSDs have traditionally been tested with the Marvell 9128 based SATA-III controllers to eliminate any bottlenecks posed by SATA-II connections.

However, based on our preliminary testing, the Vertex 2E gained as much as 20% improved 4K random write performance when connected to the P67 PCH SATA-III ports compared to the onboard Marvell 9128 controller.

As such, we have decided to conduct our tests based off the P67’s SATA-III ports in lieu of the Marvell solution.


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