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Olympus FE-5500, C-170 DCs & 1GB xD-Picture Card

Olympus, the industry leader in opto-digital technologies and pioneer in the
digital camera market, today unveiled the Olympus M-XD1GM xD-Picture Card, the
world’s smallest 1GB storage media for digital devices which will be available
in Singapore from May 2005.

The M-XD1GM is the first of the new M-series xD-Picture Cards – an advanced
memory media designed predominantly for ultra-compact digital cameras. Based on
the latest advances in high-capacity storage research and development, the
M-series utilises Multi-Level Cell (MLC*) technology to generate higher-speed
data transfer for all reading and writing processes.

In addition, this memory media doubles the previous maximum capacity of xD-Picture
Cards, and provides greater versatility and addresses the storage requirement
needs of the already large and growing number of photographers using ever-higher
resolution digital cameras. For example, with the 7-megapixel Olympus C-7070
WIDE ZOOM, up to 50 TIFF files or about 600 HQ images can be saved on the 1GB
removable media, as well as around 19 minutes of video footage in 640×480

Naturally, apart from the giant leap in storage capacity, the 1GB media offers
all the features that are so characteristic of xD-Picture Cards: the diminutive
size of 20 x 25 x 1.7mm, low power consumption, durable design and compatibility
with a huge variety of digital cameras. The card features extremely fast
data-transfer capabilities, generating speeds of up to 4.0MB/s for reading and
2.5MB for writing.

* MLC is a technology for expanding memory capacity

The Olympus M-XD1GM xD-Picture Card is now immediately available at all major
retailers and dealers at a recommended retail price of S$ 229 (inclusive of GST).

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