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Olympus launches new compact cameras and voice recorders

The humble voice recorder may initially seem like nothing more than a toy or novelty, and that may be true to a certain extent. After all, most mobile phones already have voice recording capabilities, and for most people, the number of occasions where voice recording is required can probably be counted with one hand.

However, for those who need to take voice recordings frequently, good gear is definitely vital. Especially when the last thing anyone needs is for a recorded interview to come out sounding like a mess of garbled and muddied consonants. And if it is decent gear you are looking for, you are in luck: Olympus has just launched not one, but six new voice recorders to cater to a wide range of uses and needs.

Olympus DM-5 professional voice recorder

If crystal clear audio with a huge variety of features for maximum control sounds like what your profession demands, Olympus’s new DM-5 professional voice recorder ought to fit those needs to a T.

Unlike more consumer-oriented voice recorders in the market, the Olympus DM-5 offers a wide array of features such as Voice Guidance, Voice Command, Text to Speech and Visual Indexing, making it more suited for busy professionals. In addition, the DM-5 offers support for three different audio formats: MP3, Microsoft WMA and the lossless PCM format.

Storage-wise, the DM-5 is no slouch either. The device comes with 8GB of built-in flash storage, which is usually more than enough for most users. For those who need additional storage space, the DM-5 also sports a built-in microSD card reader, so storage capacity should be a non-issue.

The DM-5 is expected to be available for sale locally by end August 2010. No details on pricing has been released yet though, so do check back for updates.

Olympus WS-760M, WS-750M & WS-650S business voice recorders

For others who require the use of a voice recorder in their line of work but do not want to deal with the advanced features available on the DM-5, Olympus’s new WS-series of business voice recorder should cater nicely to such needs.

The top-of-the-line WS-760M features 8GB of built-in flash memory and an FM tuner capable of recording FM broadcasts, and is the first voice recorder in Olympus’ lineup to do so. For those who do not require the FM-recording of the WS-760M, the WS-750M might be a better call: it loses the FM tuner and recorder, and comes with 4GB of built-in flash memory.

Last but not least, business users looking for an entry-level professional voice recorder can go for the WS-650S. It packs in 2GB of built-in storage, but makes up for it with the ability to record audio in both the popular MP3 and WMA formats.

The WS-750M and WS-650S will be available locally in early September this year, but the WS-760M will take a little longer. According to Olympus, the 760M should reach Singapore by mid-September. No details on pricing were announced, so do check back for updates.

Olympus VN-8600PC & VN-8500PC entry level voice recorders

Of course, there has to be something for the consumers as well: after all, not everybody needs the professional features and quality audio found in the aforementioned voice recorders. For such people, the new Olympus entry-level VN-series of voice recorders should fit in nicely with their needs.

To ensure that the device remains easy to use, the VN-series of voice recorders sport big full-dot displays, thus allowing for greater clarity. Audio quality is also not compromised in spite of the VN-series being an entry-level solution to the market. Both models will be able to record files in Microsoft’s WMA format, with the VN-8600PC having an added capability to record to the popular MP3 format as well.

To ensure that audio clarity is maintained, both models feature different ‘Scene Select’ modes which allows for proper audio recording under various circumstances. Last but not least, both the VN-8600PC and VN-8500PC boast improved battery life and adjustable audio recording quality to maximize the use of the device’s built-in storage.

Both models will be available in Singapore in end August 2010.

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