When Oracle bought over Sun, there were some who feared about the future of OpenOffice, the popular free software suite. And a group of contributors have apparently saw it fit to take matters into their own hands: a new organization known as The Document Foundation have announced a beta for an OpenOffice.org fork: LibreOffice

OpenOffice may be a popular, free-to-use office productivity suite which serves the needs of most people, but there has been some questions regarding its future after Oracle’s purchase of Sun.

However, the community since moved to ensure that OpenOffice will continue to live on, even if Oracle may one day decide to cease all efforts in maintaining the free office productivity suite. This has come in the form of a fork of the popular open-source office suite known as LibreOffice, and supervised by a governing body known as The Document Foundation.

According to a press release by The Document Foundation, the organization was founded in an attempt to “liberate the development of the code and the evolution of the project from the constraints represented by the commercial interests of a single company”. This effectively means that LibreOffice will be a completely free, community-driven office productivity suite which does not have to be shackled down by any potential commercial interests.

In addition, The Document Foundation has announced that LibreOffice will be released under a dual-license scheme: the LGPL v3 and MPL. This further ensures that LibreOffice will always remain as free software which can be freely distributed and modified without fears of infringing on copyrights.

For those who are interested in testing out this new office productivity suite, fret not. The Document Foundation has also announced the availability of beta versions of LibreOffice which can be obtained here. However, end-users are strongly encouraged not to install the binaries on production machines, as the beta is still not ready for production usage yet.

Last but not least, do remember that if you download LibreOffice, you do so at your own risk. VR-Zone cannot be held responsible for any mishaps such as data loss or exploding computers.