One of the most popular mobile browsers, Opera is receiving an update which pushes the software out of beta, brings new features.

Opera is one of the most popular browsers on Android, if not on all mobile devices put together. Opera runs either in Mobile or the Mini (Java) version in almost every smartphone and feature phone you could think of, and definitely on a cheap Nokia handset capable of connecting to the Internet. A couple of months ago, Opera shared its vision of making much needed changes to its browsers (both Mobile and Mini) to bring it them up to modern standards. The Norway based software company noted that many websites failed to load properly, especially on the Mini. The new update brings a new browser based on the WebKit engine, and also pushes it out of beta (which first debuted back in March).

Boy does the new Opera look good!

Apart from the brand new UI, there is a beautiful Discover mode that takes a Pinterest themed approach to bringing all news in one place. The new off-road mode is basically a new Opera Turbo feature that compresses data before sending them to the user, saving on your previous data plans. Whether you are using Opera on your smartphone or have never tried it before, we highly recommend you try this new version. Follow the link to the Play Store page.

Opera browser on Google Play Store

We expect Opera to update their Mini browser. For now, enjoy the new Opera Browser. Hit the source link for more info on the same.

Source: Opera via Phone Arena