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Opera @ Computex 2011: Ushering in the post-PC era


Many OEMs and companies love to boast about how the era of the desktop PC is close to an end, especially now that the new breed of mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets are set to replace the desktop as the online tool of choice. But merely having the device is not good enough: to get the most out of it, one needs to be able to access the wonderful world known as the Internet without any hitches in user experience. Which is exactly what Opera is claiming to be capable of in a press conference held at its booth located at Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center.

For most consumers, the built-in web browser that comes standard with the operating system preloaded on their PCs or mobile communication devices is usually never enough to fully satisfy their needs for a variety of reasons, and it is because of such conditions that it is very important for any platform to have at least one alternative, third-party web browser available, if only just to give consumers a choice to choose from.

Fortunately, it seems that there is one company which has made good on its word to deliver an alternative web browser across all available software platforms currently available today, and it comes in the form of  Opera Software ASA's Opera web browser for desktops, mobile phones and post-PC devices. And as luck would have it, the company has got its own booth for this year's Computex, which is located over at Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center.

Opera; popular as always

Speaking at the press conference held at its booth was none other than Opera Software ASA's very own CEO, Lars Boilesen, who talked about how Opera has managed to achieve its position as a popular choice for people seeking alternative browsers for use on their PCs and devices. According to him, this was made possible only because of the fact that Opera has steadfastly held to its beliefs that a web browser must be not only small, lightweight and fast, but must also be designed with end user-friendliness in mind.

Boilesen also revealed that its philosophy of a web browser being flexible enough to be ported to a virtually every single platform has resulted in the Opera web browser being ranked as the biggest and most popular mobile web browser, where he outlined how Opera Mini is capable of running on all mobile phones today, including feature phones and basic mobile phones which lack the processing power found in today's smartphones.

 In addition, Boilesen took the opportunity to announce that it has entered into partnerships with many OEMs which will see many smart TVs manufacturers shipping their products with the company's Opera web browser preloaded in them.

However, Boilesen was quick to point out that Opera Software ASA was not about to neglect its traditional PC offering as well, while claiming various unique features such as Opera Turbo , customizability and a polished and user-friendly graphical interface which sets the browser apart from its competition.


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