Apparently, reports of Google Chrome’s speed gains in its latest beta release has rattled Opera, and the company which claimed to have the world’s fastest browser is determined to defend its title.

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A couple of days back, we posted an article describing the speed gains that Google announced in its latest beta release of its Chrome browser. And apparently, Opera did not take very kindly to Google’s claims, insisting that it still holds the speed crown in the browser wars.

In an interview with TechRadar UK, Opera product manager Philip Grenvoid explained that the Opera browser still commands a significant speed advantage over its rivals, specifically listing Safari and Chome’s beta releases as examples.

“We beat Chrome 5 development nightlies in Chrome testing and we beat Safari in Safari testing…with 10.5, with this step, we can claim that we have the fastest browser,” he said. However, he gave no description about the extent of the speed advantage which Opera currently holds against the competition.

Still, faster browsers are always welcome, and given the evolving complexity of web standards, speed and performance are highly likely to remain as the top priorities among most web browser developers.

Source: TechRadar UK