Opera has recently unveiled their new Mini 6 web browser for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. The Opera Mini 6 have been available on Android and BlackBerry devices since March, but at least it is now available for Apple fans.

The Opera Mini mobile browser boasts a different browsing experience and features up to 90% compression of data traffic for speed and cost savings. It can adapt to the high resolution of the iPhone 4 display and accomodate the screen size, as well as switch to a more convenient view for the iPad.

Here are some of the features of the Opera Mini 6 on the iOS version:

– Faster and smoother panning and zooming that provides users with all the details of every page easily;
– Share buttons to share the site to your friends on My Opera, Facebook, Twitter from the Opera Mini 6 browser
– New jazzed-up skin and redesigned Opera menus
The Opera’s engineers have tuned the browser and created a faster and more fluid user experience, with quicker scrolling and panning even on the largest webpages for instant access.

Source: Opera