Oppo’s next flagship smartphone is set for an announcement next month, but leaked pictures and specs already paint a clear picture of what we can expect from the Chinese manufacturer. 


The Oppo N1 has a lot of people interested, if only because they want to see how the company will top its previous flagship, the Find 5, which has been critically acclaimed as one of the best high-end smartphones out there. Now, thanks to popular leakster evleaks and Chinese site weibo, we finally have the first look at the N1 and its supposed specs.

At first glance, the N1’s design looks quite understated and simple, but stare at it for a while and you’ll find that simplicity rather attractive (comparisons with Nokia’s Lumia phones are inevitable). The screen looks quite large, though what’s really noticeable is the lack of buttons on either side. There’s a reason for this – the N1 is expected to have a touch-enabled back, and that is probably where Oppo is relegating functions like volume control to. Things like the headphone jack, USB port, and loudspeaker can be seen at the bottom, something which matches teaser images posted by Oppo.


The specs of the N1 are rumored to include a Snapdragon 600 processor (in China, international variants use a Snapdragon S4 Pro), 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB storage, and a 2,500mAh battery, which are no different than the Find 5’s. However, the one aspect where there may be a considerable upgrade is the camera, which is rumored to sport a 20-megapixel sensor like the Sony Xperia Z1, though whether image quality can keep up with the megapixel count remains to be seen.

Oppo has gained considerable traction internationally in contrast to other Chinese manufacturers, and the N1 looks like it could bring further recognition for its maker when it goes on sale later this year. Let’s just hope that touch panel on the back is more than a gimmick, or all the hoopla Oppo is creating around it might fall flat and create waves of disappointment all over the internet.

Source: @evleaks, weibo