Chinese phone maker clarifies that they have no plans of releasing a Find 5 Mini in the near future.

Oppo Find 5 Mini

We had reported a couple of days back that Chinese phone maker Oppo was working on a mini version of the flagship quad-core Find 5 Smartphone. It turns out that the company has no immediate plans to release such a phone. Here’s what their spokesperson had to say:

Unfortunately, OPPO has no plans for the release of a Find 5 Mini. We greatly value our fans’ interest in upcoming product releases and want to make sure they have all the most up-to-date and accurate information so it would be great if you could print a correction.

Well, that clarifies everything. But for those who were eagerly waiting for such a phone, all hope isn’t lost yet. The company only clarified that they have no plans for release of a Find 5 Mini, they didn’t flat out deny working on such a project at all. A Find 5 Mini after all is a natural response from the company to the growing family of minis (S4 Mini, One Mini, more to follow) in the Smartphone market.