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Order new Apple Mac Pro today, ships from Dec. 30th

The new Apple Mac Pro is finally available, customers can order one right away.


After months of speculation about its release, Apple finally confirmed yesterday that it is going to launch the all new Mac Pro on December 19. The company first hinted about a new Mac Pro back in 2012, when it teased big changes for the entire lineup. Earlier this year at the WWDC 2013 event, Apple showed a teaser trailer of the Mac Pro, which definitely got a lot of people excited. Now the company has finally made all details official, pricing information is out now as well, with base models coming in at $2,999 and $3,999.

The Apple Online Store is now accepting orders for the new Mac Pro, customers can order their units online. At this point in time, the online store lists shipping date by December 30. This technically falls within the ambiguous window provided earlier this year by Apple when it said that the new Mac Pro will start “shipping by December.” Customers can either have their units delivered or make an appointment to pick them up at a local Apple brick and mortar store.

Power users have a plethora of configure to order options available to them, the Mac Pro is capable of becoming a very powerful machine should the customer be willing to spend a lot of money. A fully loaded Mac Pro, with all available options selected, costs around $14,000.

Source: Apple Store

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