Apple is only due to activate iCloud with the launch of iOS 5, but it seems that the Cupertino giant is already hard at work in ensuring that all of its products, including the recently-released OS X Lion operating system, are ready to take advantage of the new cloud service right from the get go. And the good news is that OS X Lion users may not have to wait very long to score iCloud support for their operating system, especially if the latest developer preview released by Apple is of any indication.

Apple's iCloud is expected to be launched in conjunction with iOS 5, but the company is already hard at work in ensuring that its own OS X operating system is all set to play nice with the cloud service. Users can expect to see iCloud support Lion soon in the form of an upcoming software update for the recently-launched operating system, with leaked Lion update builds confirming that claim.

According to a report published by AppleInsider, iCloud support for Mac OS X Lion will  be rolled out in the upcoming 10.7.2 update, whereby it will be integrated into Mail, Contacts and Calandars preference pane. Apparently, this will allow users to exercise some form of control in the kind of data they want synced to the cloud, as shown in the screenshot above.

AppleInsider has also claimed in its report that the iCloud section in Mail, Contacts & Calandars preference panel will come with sport tools and options which users can utilize for "managing storage, backups, and purchasing additional storage", although it has pointed out that the option to purchase additional online storage space is currently "non-functional at this time", which is something to be expected from pre-release software.

Interestingly, AppleInsider has revealed that the Cupertino giant has yet to release any test builds of 10.7.1, even though testing for 10.7.2 has already commenced. This has led to speculation that the company has already finished its work with 10.7.1 and is planning to push it out to end-users in the coming days (or weeks), if Apple intends to have OS X Lion updated to 10.7.2 in time for iCloud's official launch come Fall this year.

Source: AppleInsider via Electronista