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OS X Mavericks points at possible 27 inch Retina Thunderbolt Display and iMac

At WWDC 2013 Apple announced OS X Mavericks, the latest platform update for Mac. It has been discovered that the wallpaper released for promoting OS X Mavericks would fit perfectly on a 27 inch Retina display. This could be a subtle hint that 27 inch iMac and Apple Thunderbolt display could get Retina displays in the near future.


This particular wallpaper, available now from Apple’s website, is a 5,120 x 2,880 pixel resolution. It is exactly double the 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution that current 27 inch iMac and 27 in Apple Thunderbolt display touts. The wallpaper is unmistakably fitted for Retina displays, though it is a bit soon to say when Apple would bring this technology over to the aforementioned products.

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s new products would be coming out by September at the earliest. Already it is being rumored that Apple will release quite a few new devices around the holiday season, including but not limited to the next generation iPhone. It is possible that an updated iMac lineup as well as a Thunderbolt display with Retina capability may be released around the same time as well. At WWDC 2013 Apple unveiled its Haswell powered MacBook Air lineup.

The remaining Mac product lines will definitely be refreshed with Haswell processors too, so its only a matter of time before they’re announced. What remains to be seen is that whether they’ll come with Retina display or not.

Source: [AppleInsider]

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