Today at its event in San Francisco California, Apple revealed that the latest update to Mac OS X – Mavericks – will be launched today as a free download to Macintosh users.


This release follows the company’s conference held in June, when it unveiled version 10.9 of Mac OS X, and promised the operating system would be available for download in autumn.

A new move for Apple, Mavericks is being released for download free of charge, following in the footsteps of Apple’s prominent competitor Microsoft, which recently released the 8.1 update of Windows for free to all Windows 8 users.

Circumstances are now unique for Apple which, unlike Microsoft, only sells Mac OS X as a component for its computers. OS X is not a standalone product and, assuming that Apple continues the trend of free updates, the company will never actually sell its operating system as a product to anybody ever again.

But then, given the infamously high prices of Macintosh computers, that’s probably only fair. In fact, it’s almost inconceivable that Apple ever charged for updates in the first place. Even at costs of less than $50, these updates piled onto the already heavy financial burdens of a regular Apple customer.

Mavericks carries a number of upgrades from the previous version of OS X, including iCloud keychain support, redesigned apps, improvements to the Safari Web Browser and more. The 5.29 gigabyte update is available for download now in the Mac App Store.

Source: Apple Special Event